Some important projects that were executed by NAMECO N.V. are:

  • Two steel bridges over the Saramacca- and Commewijne river; 
  • Several large steel storage tanks for water and oil storage;
  • A variety of concrete and steel bridges across different cannels, creeks and rivers in Suriname; 
  • Construction of Phase 1 of a ferry system between Suriname and Guyana;
  • Several concrete-, steel- and wooden jetty’s for Marine moorings and landing bases; 
  • Construction of intake works and drainage sluices and revetments 
  • Various pile driving works; 
  • Construction of large banana packing station of concrete and steel; 
  • Building a 3 x 75 meter steel truss bridge across the Saramacca Cannel including all roadways and related constructions and a small concrete bridge above the adjacent Dominee Creek; 
  • Renovation of the MAS-jetty