Type of Ownership:

Limited Liability Company ( N.V. )


Shareholders and Management:           

Waldo N. P. Ramdihal Mechanical Engineer

– Chairman of the Board  and Shareholder

Serwan Sewnundun  B.Tech.

– Technical Manager

Akushla L. Ramdihal

– Financial & Administrative Manager

Willem A. D. de Miranda BSc. LL.M.          

– Member of the Board

Drs. Rajeev Ramdihal R.A.

– Member of the Board


Other Specialized  Staff:

Bachelors in Economy and Administrations.

Bachelors in Constructions and Civil Engineering.

Secondary School in Administration.

Certified Riggers, Mechanics, Welders, Construction Workers  and   Safety Personnel.


Present Employment:

Approximately 30 permanent employers (including Staff)(variable amount of employers)  and several Sub Contractors depending on projects under execution.