NAMECO was officially established on May 12, 1968 by Waldo N.P Ramdihal, mechanical Engineer,  and some business relations and friends. On May 12, 1970 NAMECO NV is officially registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KKF) as a Limited Liability Company (N.V.). In the beginning NAMECO NV was fully aimed at steel construction works. When NAMECO NV, as representative of steel bridges supplier INDUSTRIAS METALURGICAS VAN DAM from Venezuela, had the opportunity to do the Construction and Erection for the bridges across the Saramacca- and Commewijne rivers ( known as the “blue bridges”) the interest in civil technical works started. Late 70’s NAMECO NV was in charge as a subcontractor for MORRISON & KNUDSEN for the construction works of the large scale South-Western Suriname project within the development cooperation between the Surinamese and the Dutch Governments. Around that period NAMECO NV had about 300 permanent employees. But following serious political and economical disturbances in the 1980’s the economy totally collapsed and NAMECO NV had to strongly re-organize in order to survive. Many employees had to be dismissed and only a limited number of permanent staff could be retained. After the return of civil government in the 1990’s and a gradual economic stabilization NAMECO NV began to expand its activities again. Firstly, only expert trade in machinery, parts and steel products. In 2004 NAMECO NV started to participate in tenders for various projects. So NAMECO NV acquired projects to build packing stations and pumping stations for the banana industry/SBBS (European Union funded). As these smaller projects were coming in and the cash flow of the Company was growing, NAMECO NV again came in the position to tender for larger projects. One of such a large project NAMECO NV has done recent is the in September 2014 finished project:  ” Building the 3×75 meter Steel Truss Bridge over the Saramacca Cannel” .